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Attendance Settings

Posted on Wed 12:11 pm
Attendance settings for student/ staff...
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Bio-metric/ RFID Attendance

Posted on Tue 14:00 pm
Students/Staff attendance in school automated through integrated Bio-metric device......
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Add Vehicle Insurance

Posted on Tue 11:15 am
Add vehicle insurance payments, to check reminders for next renewal of premium and track expenses for each vehicle...
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Add Vehicle Repairs

Posted on Mon 12:10 pm
Add vehicle repairs to track expenses towards repairs for each vehicle...
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Transport- Vehicle Maintenance

Posted on Tue 11:10 am
Add vehicle maintenance expenses 'Add/Edit Vehicle Maintenance'...
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Transport- Add Fuel Expenses

Posted on Sun 13:02 pm
Add vehicle fuel expenses in transport...
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Extra Curriculum Activities

Posted on Sat 17:11 pm
Extra curriculum activities in school like chess, sports, dancing, lab practicals etc....
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Add Vehicle Routes

Posted on Sat 11:10 am
Add vehicle routes in transport...
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Add Vehicle in Transport

Posted on Tue 10:12 am
Add a vehicle in transport...
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Manage Fee Discounts

Posted on Wed 11:10 am
Fees discounts for each student, class-wise...
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