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Check Fee reports

Posted on Fri 13:13 pm
Check fee reports on sprigpro, list of all fee paid/ unpaid students class-wise...
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Add Fee Payment

Posted on Tue 11:10 am
Add fee payment...
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Fee Setup

Posted on Sun 15:11 pm
Add academic year fee class-wise and terms wise...
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Create Domain

Posted on Thu 11:05 am
Create domain on sprigpro...
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Fee Due Reminders

Posted on Mon 12:11 pm
Fee reminders for not paid list...
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Add Marks

Posted on Thu 11:12 am
Add exam marks class wise...
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Exam Timetable

Posted on Mon 11:21 am
Add exam timetable...
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Exams Setup

Posted on Sun 11:11 am
Exams setup class wise...
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Add Grading System

Posted on Thu 11:10 am
Add grading system with grade limits minimum and maximum marks...
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Attendance Reports

Posted on Tue 11:12 am
Check attendance reports for students/ staff...
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