Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing, Services, Modules

  • How to Sign up?

    Get started using Sprig with easy Signup Process. Please follow the Step wise procedure to Sign up..

      1. Enter School Name.
      2. Domain Selection:
      • Choose I have my own domain - if you have a domain name. Enter domain name.
      • If you don’t have a school website. Add required domain name here www.____.sprigpro.com
      • Contact team if you need a new own domain.
      3. Enter valid Mobile no & E-mail address. (E mail ID is the login ID for superadmin)
      OTP verification- Enter valid mobile number. Click ‘Send OTP’.Enter password and Click Validate.
      4. Choose Plan: Choose your preferred plan.
      5. Submit.
    Note: Sign up form cannot be submitted, without OTP validation, Domain name, Email
      Superadmin Login Credentials are email id & password that are provided during signup.
      Email and Mobile no. are saved for communication.
  • What are the basic steps to Setup School?

    Setup your school by following the steps.

      1. Add a branch - Enter branch name and details in description.
      2.Add an admin - Add a school admin, Username & Password. Assign roles to admin by choosing the listed tasks.
      3.Add academic year - Add starting and ending date of academic year.
      4.Add Academic Settings - Select the medium of instruction may be one or many languages.
      5.Configure Class Structure – Class structure is made ready by default, only choose no. of sections required in each medium.
  • How to Add a New Academic Year?

    To add a new academic year. Login as Superadmin. Click Add Academic Year. Enter Starting and ending date. Set Status to Current if it is current academic year. Click Add.

  • How to add a New Class?

    To add a new class. Login as Admin. Click on School from Menu. Go to Current Academic Year. Click Add Class. Enter Class Name, Select Medium. Click Submit.

  • How to add new Section in a class?

    To add new section in a class.
    Login as Admin. Click School from Menu. Click on Current Academic Year. Click on Edit. Click Add Section. Choose Medium. Assign Class Teacher. Click Save.
    Choose class in which you want to add a section. Enter Section Name, Select Medium. Click Submit

  • How to Add a New Student Application?
      Login as Admin. Click Users from Menu. Click Students. Click Add a New Application.
      *Complete Academic Settings. To accept a "New Student Application Form" for the Next Academic Year.
      Bulk upload of Student Profiles
      Student profiles can be added all at a time. Import student data through excel file upload.
      Login as Superadmin. Click School from Menu. In current academic year click Upload Student Data Click on ‘Download Sample’. A sample file will be downloaded.
      Fill the all data in the required format and save the file in .csv or .xlsx format. To upload the file, choose file from the system and click upload, choose the option, check once that all the data is properly inserted or not. Finally click Add students. Student data will be saved in database.
      * Before you upload make sure that all the mandatory columns are filled in student profiles.
  • How to reset User Password?
      A Super admin of the school can edit user passwords by editing the user profiles.
      Users: Admin, Student, Parent etc.
      *Contact Team for more details, if problem not resolved.
  • How to Add an Employee Profile?

    Add an employee profile, designation and role of the employee like Management/Teacher/Non-Teacher.

      To add employee, Go to Users. Click Employees. Click Add Employee. Add employee details. Select Employee Designation - Management/ Teacher/Non-Teacher
      Enter ID & Password for employee. Click Submit.
      * When same employee is a management person and a teacher. Multiple roles can be assigned.
  • How to terminate an Employee?

    Login as Admin, Click on School in menu bar

      Go toUsers from Menu. Click on Employees. From Employee Dashboard Click Terminate Employee. Choose Employee Category ex: - Teaching Staff. Mark as Terminated.
  • How can I Subscribe to Free Plan?

    If you are looking for a Free Plan. Select ‘Sprig Free’ in ‘Plan’ from Sign Up.

      Note : Free supports only for a school with single branch.
  • How to assign admin roles?

    To assign admin roles, Login as Superadmin.

      From Dashboards. Click Assign Admin Roles. Choose admin. Click on the required modules.
      *A school branch can have multiple admins, similarly an admin can have control to multiple branches based on tasks allotted.
  • Can I add two or more admins to a single branch?

    Yes, a single branch can have one or more no. of admin users. Each admin can handle single task or multiple tasks. Various tasks can be shared among admins individually.

  • Is it difficult to work with sprig?

    Product information and clear technical documentation is available. User navigation at each step will let user to work with ease. Sprig is easy to use, basic knowledge to operate system is enough. No technical knowledge required.

  • How to send notifications to all departments or branch schools?

    Internal Communication:

      Sends event notifications, holiday information to all your branch Schools and to all departments within the school.
      Login as Superadmin or Admin. Click on Updates from Menu. Click Add New update.
      Also get Feedback from parents, teachers. Also supports One-One messaging.
  • How to Send SMS ?

    Send notifications, holiday information, marks etc. to all by single click. Send SMS to a specific user through SMS module.

    Admin Dashboard click Send SMS from Menu Select the template. Click Send SMS
      SMS's can be send individually or to the entire school.
      *SMS panel is under transactional route. TRAI regulations are applicable to sms messages.
  • Search For a student

    Login as User Click on Search in menu bar.

      Search for a student profile from hundreds of student records by Name, Admission No, Roll No.
  • How to manage Front End of website?

    Website content management can be done by admin or superadmin.

      Login as Admin or Superadmin. Click Website from Menu. Edit any content related any web page from here.
      Ex: Gallery Uploads – Choose Website from Menu. Add Event Name. Add Album Name. Click Upload Photos to Album.
  • Support

    Contact support desk, to answer your Queries. Instant support answering through integrated support chat box. Includes screenshot of pages to understand more and fix the problem as soon an possible.