Sprig comes in Free version to meet the needs of single branch schools & institutions.

  • Setting up school website is so easy and simplified too.
  • Integrate ‘Sprig’ to your school website, if you have a domain.
  • For shared domain, select domain name & check for availability.
  • Admin control to manage any kind of content on all the web pages.
  • Manage Slider Images, Events, News & Notifications, Results etc.
  • Update Gallery, upload photos right from dashboard.


  • Integrated Bulk sms panel, to send sms from web.
  • Transactional route with high priority & high deliverability rate.
  • Grouping of data like School/Staff/Class-wise/Specific.
  • Structured user profiles, only select a group before you send.
  • Real time reports from gateway about sms delivery status.
  • Automated sms text generation to send marks, fee due reminders.


  • Automated Student & staff attendance management.
  • Identify absentees class-wise, send alerts to parents.
  • Flexible attendance reports for daily, monthly, yearly.
  • Management to approve/reject staff leave application.
  • Attendance settings hourly, once (or) twice in a day.
  • Biometric & RFID, sends attendance records on cloud.
  • Overall academic year students performance analysis.


  • Manage different types of examinations class-wise.
  • Multiple grading systems, manage GPA,CCE grades.
  • Add individual exam marks, calculates total average.
  • Student annual report card generation with print facility.
  • Sends students marks to their parents on single click.
  • Graphical representations, comprehensive reports.
  • Track student progress over the academic years.


  • Manage to represent graphs for both data driven & static information.
  • Visualize the data reports through attractive Graphical representations.
  • Compare overall academic performance across academic years.
  • Exam results to compare with average mark to the marks obtained.
  • SMS delivery reports from gateway for delivered, sent, rejected.
  • Metrics of your school data for individual school & all branches.
  • Insights like no. of students left, newly joined in an academic year.
  • Generates various reports for the same data, for decision making.
  • Exam results to compare with Class average marks.